Businessmen describe as “reckless” salary proposal of the COB

ANF reports for La Prensa:

The general manager of the National Chamber of Exporters of Bolivia (Caneb), Javier Hinojosa, described as imprudent the salary proposal of the Bolivian Workers’ Union (COB) because, he said, it is not related to any indicator of the country’s economy.

“Making an analysis linked to the economy, 12% is a figure that has nothing to do with anything, this negatively impacts (the productive units), it is something that can not be (…), what imprudence, it seems to me that it’s a reckless decision,” he told RTP.

On Thursday, a national representation of the COB determined to ask the Government for a 10% salary increase to the national minimum and 12% for the basic salary. This request exceeds that suggested by employers of 2% to the basic salary and 0% of the national minimum wage.

Hinojosa indicated that the entrepreneurs’ proposal is related to the accumulated inflation of the 2018 administration, which was 1.51%, and the proposal of the private sector is higher than this indicator.”

This is directly related to the replacement of purchasing power, it is higher than the inflation rate of the last administration, it is an amount that is linked to a real economic indicator,” he remarked.

The president of the Departmental Federation of Private Employers of Oruro, German Rioja, described the request of the COB as irresponsible, and pointed out that this percentage will affect private investment and the creation of jobs.

Also, the president of the chamber of commerce of that department, Fernando Dehne, considered that the salary proposal responds to a political, demagogic and ignorant position that deceives its bases.

“The determination threatens the stability of workers,” he said.

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