Unemployment, serious problem [… and a result of how incompetent evo turned out to be!]

A great Editorial from El Diario:

While the country enjoyed significant income between 2007 and 2014, it emerged in the population that finally new sources of employment could be created; but the little that was done was in public entities and mining and cooperative organizations; but the private activity did not enjoy advances in its operations and little or nothing was done to increase personnel in its facilities. Employment in the country continues to be “the golden illusion” for those who anxiously seek the provision of jobs that allow them to earn their daily sustenance and leave, in many cases, conditions dependent on occasional occupations or from understanding and help from family members.

We live in a crisis situation, despite how much the ruling party has opted for in the sense that “our economy is solid” and there is no fear that there are notable variants. There is alarming unemployment and it is seen that working children have increased, as the number of emigrants has increased to places where drugs are manufactured or coca cultivated, the exodus of professionals abroad is growing; the informal economy receives in its different sources more people who, whether using some savings or resorting to loans, travel to the borders with Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil in search of merchandise that then resells it in all consumer sites from the country; In short, the informal economy grows, increases tirelessly and there is nothing that can put a brake on it.

The country expects there to be investments, but this chapter of the economy is not possible to make it a reality in our country because both potential foreign and domestic investors expect effective guarantees to exist and investments, although it is consigned in papers, no reality in the facts because the bureaucracy does not permit, the tax rules create increasingly difficult, conditions for entrepreneurship are more radical and most serious and drives away any investor, are the changes in wage policies the government imposes for any reason: salary increases, bonuses, second Christmas bonus and discounts for different items, starting with the unthought and extraordinary fees that reduce the take home pay of employees and that is another reason to ask for more wage increases.

While the government ensures that our country “has the lowest unemployment rate in the region”, the people suffer from lack of secure, permanent and guaranteed jobs because to stick to the circumstantial and momentary is not to lower unemployment; let waves of young people leave the country to get work, is not to secure employment; allowing the informal economy to grow is not about securing employment; let smuggling grow, is not to provide employment that will only be when the conditions and circumstances of the country allow it; in the meantime, you can not live with statistics that are not credible or diminished according to the situations that arise.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: After $180 billions dollars over the last 13 years where evo had absolute control of ALL State powers, the was NO single sustainable development created … major investments are non-existent and this cartoon [02/18/2019] from El Diario shows how failed this populist, autocrat regime of the coca caudillo … “government assured that poverty was reduced by 60%” says one of the ladies and the other replies “the poor not to suffer hunger, transformed into street vendors ,,,, worse!”

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