Daily Archives: February 27, 2019

It will be the last time, he says [evo lies and wants to remain in power forever!]

Pagina Siete writes about the desire of evo to remain in power, picture from the internet:


It is not the first time that President Evo Morales says he wants to win the elections and that it will be his last government term. Therefore, the country does not have to believe him. The first time was in October 2008, when he was seeking consensus to approve the new Constitution.

So, for the opposition to accept the text of the Magna Carta he said that he was renouncing re-election and that he would not postulate 2014 again.

The second time was just in September 2014, when he said he would respect the Constitution, that this would be the last time he would run for the Presidency and that in 2020 he would go to the Chapare to open his restaurant.

This Saturday he made the same promise again. He said he hopes to win this year’s elections with 70% of the vote in what will be his “last administration.

“Apparently, the President believes that he can continue mocking the Bolivians and repeating the same lie with impunity.

It is no longer 2008, it is not 2014, it is 2019 and now the political scenario has changed. Most Bolivians reject the continuism and no longer believes the president.