A great competitive alternative to reach markets, which unfortunately is, again, used in a demagogue way by evo …

Pagina Siete reports:

Will certify, internationally, the three ports of the waterway

The three ports on the Paraguay-Paraná waterway that have access to the Atlantic and with certification they expect further development.

Three private ports that today operate on the Paraguay-Paraná waterway and that have access to the Atlantic Ocean will be certified as international next week, in an act with the presence of the president of the State, Evo Morales.

It is the terminals of Puerto Aguirre, Puerto Gravetal and Puerto Jennefer.

According to the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), next Tuesday President Morales will deliver the certification of these as international ports together with administrative resolution.

“With this, Bolivia will take a historic step towards its sovereign exit to the Atlantic Ocean through these private ports located at the head of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway,” said the IBCE.

The event will take place at 10:00 in the morning in Puerto Jennefer, on the Cáceres lagoon, with the presence of the first president and national authorities.

According to the IBCE, with the certification the State will be able to develop and strengthen the infrastructure in those ports, for example, with a Customs to facilitate foreign trade operations.

In 2016, these terminals mobilized more than one million tons of cargo corresponding to exports and half a million tons to imports.

Among the products exported through the indicated ports are soy and its derivatives. On the side of imports are diesel as the main product, followed by gasoline and unroasted malt.

Estimates of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Santa Cruz (Cainco) account for the charging system of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway would have the capacity of approximately 100 million tons and only moves 1.5 million.

For the private sector, the ports on this tributary constitute an alternative to the Chilean ports of Arica, Iquique and Antofagasta, where strikes are recurrently damaging to the country’s foreign trade.

The Paraguay-Paraná Waterway can absorb 50% of the foreign trade currently used by Chilean ports, but the construction of Puerto Busch must be consolidated for a full exit to the Atlantic Ocean, according to the IBCE and the exporters.

The Minister of Development Planning, Mariana Prado, reported on October 3 that it is planned to invest between 600 and 800 million dollars to strengthen Puerto Busch as an exit to the Atlantic Ocean, after the Court of The Hague determined an adverse ruling for Chile to dialogue with Bolivia on a sovereign exit to the Pacific Ocean.

However, the Minister of Economy, Marrio Guillén, clarified that these resources are not available and the source of financing should still be sought. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: this is the crude reality, evo may go and pose for the picture but whenever real action, investment, is sought … nothing can be expected from the worst ochlocracy. This guy is just in perpetual electoral campaign for his illegitimate and illegal re-nomination. He intends to continue in power despite his lousy, corrupt government!]


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