How credible has become current Bolivian president?

Over ten years ago, the new president of Bolivia, regardless how he ended up in power (road blockades, turmoil since 2003…), we can agree that the world thought highly of him, expectations were high …

All that turned out to ba a complete farce, until now, he wasted over $150 billion dollars, have more than 60 people who have tragically died due to his government style and decisions, over 600 people who fled the country out of political persecution, thousands of jobs lost as well as thousands of companies who had to declare bankruptcy, damage to the environment and mother nature, booming corruption, rampant anarchy and narcotrafficking controlling entire towns and regions of Bolivia…

This cartoon from Pagina Siete, 09/28/2016, says it all …

He was not invited to the peace treaty in Colombia, and that must have hurt his ego tremendously, he considered himself as an international leader, long-gone the times where he had a stage around the presidents of the so-called socialists of the 21st century …


He has lost credibility, he has been denied to re-re-re-re run for elections one more time, despite having changed the Constitution to fit his delusional dreams of glory and dictatorial behavior …

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Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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