Censorship to Amalia Pando – Bolivia’s freedom of expression in peril!

From the  editorial ssection of Pagina Siete:

Censorship to Amalia Pando

Amalia PandoThe journalist Amalia Pando said she heads the ‘blacklist’ of the Government and that is why any entrepreneur media are encouraged to hire her or rent you a space to make its program. He also denounced that its recently-broadcast programs were eliminated without consent of YouTube.

This statement came after Pando announced his return to the 18 of January, of the hand of successful Radio, 93.4 FM radio. However, five minutes before going to air on its second program, the regulatory authority and control of telecommunications and transport (ATT) cut the transmission of the station for being illegal.

Although the ATT authorities justified their decision in a complaint from another radio station for interfering with its signal, the untimely and suspiciously timely way this radio broadcasts – running relatively normally and without interference from two years ago – were interrupted, leading to give reason to Amalia Pando and reiterate that “communication strategies” Government should be subject to better scrutiny.


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