In Bolivia, CBN ranks first in corporate reputation

Pagina Siete reports:

CBN ranks first in corporate reputation

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.31.06 PMThrough 1,711 questionnaires to business leaders, experts and consumers, the Business Corporate Reputation Monitor (Merco) has prepared the 2015 Bolivia Ranking, in which the Bolivian National Brewery (CBN) has won first place as the company with the best reputation and third in the ranking of most responsible companies and with better corporate governance.

“It is our great privilege to receive this recognition as the best qualified in the Merco – Corporate Reputation Ranking. As Bolivian National Brewery, it is proud that we have been qualified so, because it confirms that we are doing things right,” said the General Manager for CBN, Hernan Atella.

The executive noted that, for the second time, the CBN has been part of a select group of qualified companies among the best in terms of reputation throughout Bolivia, by the hand of a strong and independent investigation proposed by Merco.

“In year 2103, we were in fourth place. This year we obtained the first place. We have enough reasons to feel proud of this achievement,” continued Atella, noting that the CBN, next year, will fulfill 130 years of life, accompanying the development of the country and building a solid reputation and business conduct consistent with their values.

CBN’s chief executive said the brewery is committed to the quality of their products and to improving the communities with which it interacts. Among the main reasons that have enabled more than 1,700 people have qualified the company as the first in the ranking of reputation signaled its Social Responsibility Program, which has endeavored to involve both the Plurinational State institutions and Bolivian civil society in general.

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