Young entrepreneurs reveal their secrets to success

Fernando Rojas reports for El Deber:

Young entrepreneurs reveal their secrets to success

They confess that their initiatives were the result of ‘hunches’, ‘tincazos’, ‘wildest dreams’ and ideas that shaped in corporations that are now their livelihood.

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The word crisis does not exist in their terminology and if anything they have in common is that they are young entrepreneurs who have crowned their dreams into successful businesses and are now an example of life for future generations. It is abput nine young union members of Youth Company who participated in the roundtable Young Entrepreneurs Business, organized by El Deber, and that this year share those ‘tincazos’, ‘hunches’, ‘wildest dreams’ and ideas that transformed into thriving business initiatives.

For them, money was not an obstacle, but rather an inspiration to innovate to achieve personal fulfillment.

Ana Paola Brunn, general manager of Manjar de Oro [Golden Delight] chocolate, opened the meeting. She revealed that it all started as a hobby in the kitchen of her parents’ house. As her capital was limited, her parents bought inputs and she recycled profits to grow her business. Perseverance, responsibility, the ‘touch of tone and word of mouth’ in the sale and support of their parents were the pillars that pushed entrepreneurship.

Now Brunn is a successful businesswoman who attributes Manjar de Oro to be the first Bolivian company in the food industry to create franchises. With this business model expanded its brand to La Paz, Cochabamba and Tarija. Santa Cruz has four stores, it has diversified its offering and implemented the coffee shop concept.

The story of Gabriela Molina, Happy Pills Spanish -franchise of treats candies is also inspiring. The idea emerged in Barcelona (Spain) when she was getting her masters. She said that in her journey of personal growth in that country was attending the store -has a Pharmacy concept- where customers enter and choose the sweets to ‘cure’ and reach happiness.

She returned to the country with the idea of opening a restaurant and were the numbers and family reflections that drove her back.

But Molina confessed that Happy Pills hovered over her head until she overcame the fear and the bad vibes that were in her environment and decided to open a store in Ventura Mall, where each day opens retail space. In her business plan, corporate customers are strong.

The third to tell his story was Javier Prado, CFO Tokalán Laboratory. He said he and his sisters They belong to the third generation of the family that have taken the helm of the company. His grandmother was the pioneer.

Under the ideals of not aspire to occupy a job, but to create jobs, Prado said processes have innovated to grow Tokalán. He said they have implemented the managements of research and development and sales and marketing to boost their sales ability. Now exporting to Brazil, Argentina, countries of the Andean bloc, Chicago (USA) and Spain.

Cineris crematorium is another venture that was born in the classrooms of the UPSA. The creator, Sergio Orias, that upon arrival of a US exchange, went through several jobs in Santa Cruz who failed to meet his expectations because they kept him within four walls and bolted to a desk. He changed his thesis degree project -I put numbers in Cineris- six months ago entered the market offering the service of cremation. People from outside and inside are his prospects.

Sebastian Rodo, of Rodotintas, also shared his experience of success. He said that in a trip abroad, met a company dedicated to the sale of equipment and media, and when he returned to the country brought up the idea and conceived the company five years ago, provides comprehensive services to companies, offices and individual users of the local environment. A digital platform ready to diversify customer service and a business plan to offer printers with 3D technology.

Maicol Ardaya from Symetrica is another entrepreneur who conceived the business when he was employed. He created a company that provides installation of tempered glass and aluminum frames to not depend on a boss and time. Serves corporate and individual clients of Santa Cruz, Tarija, Sucre and Cochabamba. Calls young people to not hear negative vibes, believe in their ideas and not falter when the decision is taken.

Engineering and construction DOCA SRL is another initiative orchestrated by Fernando Cordova. It started as a dream five years ago and is in the process of growth with a line of perfect match.

Jorge Belmonte is a young entrepreneur who 10 years ago formed the company B & R Foods, dedicated to the production of sauces and dressings, and currently enrolls his foray into the production of soft drinks. For him, continuous improvement is essential for the survival of a company. “15 years ago was a competitive advantage, now you need to train and improve the rhythms because if you go slow, you can be obliterated by the competition,” he said.

Imigination company, engaged in the manufacture of T-shirts, is another initiative developed by David Barja, a young man who formed the textile industry with $2,000 dollars and now has brand presence in local supermarket chains.

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For the president of Youth Company, Oscar Paz Gutierrez, this type of business initiatives by young people who are living examples deserve to be emulated by the younger generation in training at colleges and universities to be the new agents of change in the development and regional economy.

Bolivia certainly needs more people like them!!!

I welcome them to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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