Un mensaje claro y fuerte para evitar la re-re-re-re elección – A clear strong message to prevent the re-re-re-re election

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.20.26 PMEl mundo opina y nosotros debemos votar de acuerdo a ello! – The world judges and we should vote accordingly!

Este video describe que es respeto a las leyes, cumplir con la democracia y que no lo es – This video describes what is respect to law, compliance with democracy and what isn’t


Gente de todas partes, expresa su opinion negativa para que el caudillo cocalero se perpetúe en el poder – People from all over, state their negative opinion regarding the intent of the coca grower caudillo to perpetuate in power


Ahora, esta imagen muestra claramente quien es quien – Now, this image clearly illustrates who is who:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.23.53 PMEstilos presidenciales? NO, tan solo estupidez y egocentrismo de alguien que vive en su nube! Qué vergüenza, pequeño reyezuelo de la coca!

Presidential styles? NO, just stupidity & egocentrism of somebody that lives in his own cloud. What a shame, insignificant coca kinglet!

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Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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