Bolivian workers may get 15% increase on seniority bonus

Marcelo Campos reports for El Dia:

By increasing the minimum wage

Seniority bonus rises 15%

Work. Businesses Reject increase and announce study to see the impact of the measure.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.35.30 PMThe increase from 8.5% to 15% have basic and the national minimum, made automatically upload the seniority bonus of a worker up to 15% in all categories. Ie they increase, for example, from Bs216 to Bs248 in the case of a length of 2 to 5 years.

According to the Supreme Decree 23113 of April 10, 1992, the calculation of this profit is made from three minimum wages for workers in productive enterprises in the public and private sector. “The three minimum wages are the basis for calculating the seniority bonus according to the category, for both the private and public sector Before, it was estimated on the total earned and other companies on the basic salary. So now, is appreciating this bonus because it is a conquest of the labor sector,” notes Aníbal Melgar, Regional Chief of the Labor Directorate.

So that if a person has worked between 5-8 years, the bonus will be Bs546.

Businesses reject increase. Entrepreneurs reacted with a mixture of rejection and cautiously to the increase decided by the government, since the increase is greater than expected, considering that the government itself had proposed not to increase over 7% and the minimum wage in 10%.

“These percentages were not agreed with employers and this fixation affect the formal sector,” says Ronald Nostas, president of the Confederation of Private Employers of Bolivia.

He also said that his sector will do a “thorough study of the implications that this increase will have.”

Like in Venezuela, the demagogue has offered lots of bonuses while destroying the competitiveness of the private sector. This is highly irresponsible and given the masismo has total control of the executive, Legislative, Judicial and electoral powers, they do as they please. That has to stop! Bolivia has already lost a decade and this government has wasted over $150 billion dollars, enough!

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