Bolivia has coffee grown at high altitude, no doubt!

El Diario reports:

In La Paz airport:

Manufacturers offer Café de Altura [Coffee grown at high altitude]

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.07.00 AMProducers of La Paz on Monday [10/27/2014] inaugurated the first service of Café Altura [high altitude coffee] at the International Airport of El Alto in order to provide domestic and foreign visitors the best organic and quality product. Eugenio Vilca, president of the trade organization that produces and processes natural coffee, at Caranavi 1,500 meters above sea level, said the effort to provide a delicious cup of coffee to discerning audiences.


A variety of presentations of the final product, coffee and grains not yet processed were samples of the new venture launched by the Federation of Coffee Growers Exporters of Bolivia (FECAFEB) at the airport.

With the presence of Víctor Hugo Vásquez, vice minister of Rural Development, Vilca, president of the union and representatives of producer organizations in the Yungas of La Paz, the first coffee shop of the three who have been planned to open in the city of La Paz, was inaugurated.

Vilca reported that opened the second branch in Miraflores and the third in downtown La Paz. Highlighted the opening held yesterday at the airport. “With the opening of this cafe, we give the option to passengers to try a high altitude coffee,” noted the official.

Kudos for the venture! I just hope this government official pushes to get rid-off the coca grown in Yungas and promotes more this wonderful coffee plantations!

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