Release of a former UN employee raises doubts

From ANF/Erbol and printed in El Dia:

The Agency rejects accusations

Release of a former UN employee raises doubts

Case. The opposition made it clear that output had to do with Sacha Llorentty designation.

The head of the National Convergence [political party in the Assembly, former National Congress], Luis Felipe Dorado along with Lower Chamber representative Adrian Oliva and Senators Marcel Antezana and Yanine Añez, reported that Bolivian authorities “released irregularly” the former United Nations (UN) official, José María Gonzales Galan, accused of traffic of 30 kilos of cocaine, a crime for which he was detained in the prison of San Pedro and was subsequently acquitted of all blame.

Legislators announced that they began an investigation in this case, asked for a request of a written report to the Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, the interim attorney general for the State, Mario Uribe, and the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Gonzalo Hurtado Zamorano, to know how this issue has been addressed.

“You think that Mr Gonzales Galan is detained, but fills us with surprise that Law 1008 is not been fulfilled nor criminal procedures that must be observed, are; you would think that the candidate to the United Nations (alluding to Sacha Llorentty) did his job, and however we want to inform you that this Mr Galan is no longer imprisoned, is free”, Dorado pointed out in a statement to the media at a press conference.

UN responds. A letter from the UN noted that the efforts that were made with respect to the former voluntary of this agency were linked only to ensure respect for the physical integrity and human rights. “Being an international body, and in court cases that are not related to official United Nations functions, the same treatment is left in the hands of the judicial authorities of each country.” In this way, the legal defense of those involved is their personal responsibility. “So, they are subject to continue all the procedures relating to the national legal framework”, says the text.

The Government hereby responsibilities. The Vice Minister of Social Defense, Felipe Cáceres, regretted that the public prosecutor’s Office along with the judiciary, have released the former UN official, José María Gonzales Galan, accused for trafficking 30 kilos of cocaine on 26 August 2011.

He said such actions do belittle the work of the anti-narcotics police, who have spent years investigating traffickers.

The Authority explained as the file already is in the judiciary, that is not within his competence the case tracking, because his work, said, is to carry out the operational, increase strategies, research and put all the research in the hands of prosecutors.

I make no opinion nor comments about this news, as it can be misinterpreted or mismanaged by someone against this blog, hope you understand. Bolivian press information has come to this end…

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