In Bolivia, the freedom of expression is threatened, August, 2012

Like Venezuela and Ecuador, Bolivia is under fire, our ability to express freely is under attack, the following news is from

ANF trial threatens freedom of expression

FIDES-the President of the La Paz Association of journalists, Antonio Vargas, in statements to said that the lawsuit initiated by the Government against the Fides News Agency (ANF) is a threat to freedom of expression and the work of journalists.

“We feel fear, very much afraid and when journalism is afraid is called self-censorship and when there is self-censorship, that is the worst form of freedom of expression.” Dies in the arms of journalists and truth that we are concerned of greatly. Because if it is threatened in this way to a news agency… Imagine what can happen to you or me that we are plain common citizens. “Absolutely have no defense”, said Vargas.

In his discretion, journalism cannot be intimidated, in this way, not to curtail the freedom of expression with a “very blunt instrument, with a very efficient instrument that has the Government in his hands it is practically the subordination of the public prosecutor and the judiciary”.

From this new antecedent that occurs in the Bolivian press, “journalists feel, at this time, sorry, but above all things with great fear and of course in democracy there is no fear”.

“Journalism has to be, as always free and independent critic of the Government, also jealous guardian of democracy always observing the values that have guided those who have marked the way, those who have told us how to do journalism and also how to serve society.” “We consider that journalism must not be threaten and naturally this attempt aims once more to penalize journalism by the worst way for the arbitrary use and abuse of power,” he said.

Later said that the decision of the authority of Government cannot be brought to criminal justice as intended because in his discretion Minister Romero was harsh to qualify as a slander, “and of course we consider that it is not”.

“a shame for us that we must not walk with the Testament under our arm, but the fear into the throat”, he said.

On the other hand, expressed from the Journalists Association of La Paz to the Fides Agency and father José Gramunt de Moragas, full solidarity and support on the understanding that (the complaint) does not constitute misuse of the information, but rather a mishandling of the discourse that should be a little more formal and save a little more the shape of our President Evo Morales Ayma.


In this respect the Secretary Executive of the Confederation of workers of the press of Bolivia, Ramiro Echazú, contacted over the phone with and rejected this new legal action undertaken by the Government of Evo Morales as it is one of the many affronts suffered by the sector over the past five years.

“We are concerned by this news is a new affront to the press because any media group in their work of coverage is in the obligation to disseminate and transmit the information objectively”, said Echazú.

Against that background, he clarified that any person, institution, or the same Government who feels offended by a journalistic publication has the possibility to raise at the print court this demand and that there, it must be defined if there is a damage in the publication. “In this case must be in the city of La Paz”, he said.


The Interior Minister, Carlos Romero, reported Friday in the city of Santa Cruz, on the complaint to be submitted by the Executive Branch against the news agency Fides (ANF) in the crimes of “premeditated, vicious, cowardly, unscrupulous, unethical” slander by a publication against President Evo Morales which carried the title of: “Evo says that if there is hunger in the East is due to laziness”.

“Is not good, we must set this precedent, there must be a drastic punishment for those who lie and seek to manipulate the conscience, the mood and the feelings of the people as the East and hopefully Justice acted immediately and set a precedent”, said Romero.

For Romero, the Fides agency misrepresented the presidential words in a “premeditated, vicious, cowardly, unscrupulous, unethical way”, and caused a “calumny”.

I must be careful to say anything on the subject, or shall I write like this? [This $#*)*%) is #)$&)(&$@ censored by the $)%U)#( gov in $*)$)(@$*_]

In any case, kudos to Antonio Vargas and my full support to ANF and father Gramunt de Moragas!

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