Bad news for TIPNIS…

Not only the government has remarked yesterday, in the words of current president, the road will be built by cutting in half the TIPNIS. Some groups that are threatening the march, are forcing the protest walk group to stop and give explanations of their resolve.

In sum, governmental friendly social groups and the official word points at building the road as envisioned since day one. I attended an international forum on food security yesterday and saw the president’s body language regarding this issue. It showed the same disdain and hate as when he talks about the “empire.” He was very harsh and despite what all stakeholders may think about finding solutions, there appear to be none.

Government at all levels are now “offering solutions” like a law that will be created to stop illegal settlements and/or logging. Coca growers will be requested to “protect” Mother Nature… all lame excuses and unrealistic ones with the only purpose to project an image of a government that complies with the Constitution and its environmental “vocation.” Government said that road projects and hydrocarbon exploitation will not be stopped.—No-hay-aternativa–&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=72723

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