Daily Archives: June 26, 2011

Bolivian cocaine traffic to USA; beware Sanabria’s accomplices!

This cartoon appeared yesterday on El Dia Newspaper. Police general Sanabria (who was the last Drug Czar of this government, caught in the action in Panama with Chilean cooperation; was immediately deported to USA). The cartoon portrays him in a Karaoke stand, “ready to sing” about all those who participated with him in the narcotrafficking. It reads “very soon” “the best of the narcogeneral” and in lower caps: “produced by DEA”.

In Bolivia we also use the word sing when someone denounces his accomplices in crime. General Sanabria pleaded guilty in Florida courts to avoid lifetime imprisonment. It is expected he will reveal who are the other high level narco-traffickers, in Bolivia and overseas. Even Chilean officials reported that current Bolivian government is complaining loudly about how the arrest was made on the 14 armed Bolivian military, just to divert the Sanabria corrupt narcotrafficking case (military went 30 kilometers inside Chile, driving Chilean stolen vehicles).

Today, El Deber reports about current Bolivian president speech at a police anniversary ceremony, he said Chile should have reported about Sanabria to Bolivia first; he also accused the DEA of playing politics when they were in Bolivia.