Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Economic, statistical data available for Bolivia

Today, I left news aside, there isn’t many positive things to report or outline anyway… So I looked into the Inter American Development Bank website(www.iadb.org), and found two interesting tools for those of you who want to review statistical data for micro or macro economic analysis for this beautiful country:

Governance indicators database: see the link below to see Democratic System, Market System, Public Management, Rule of Law and Socioeconomic indicators. Site is a bit slow and the image lacks resolution but the information provided is as of May 2011, to the extent of available data per country. Same information appears if you choose under LAC 18 or LAC 26, on the menu at the left side, under Countries.


The following is great, has an open menu for you to tailor the precise data you want, user-friendly and output can be saved even in excel, so you could later do graphs, etc. It is the Latin American and Caribbean Macro Watch Database, work done by the IDB Research Department. I just run a quick exercise and found out that the imports as a percentage of the GDP for years 1990, 2000 and 2010 are 23.93%, 27.32% and 34.32% respectively. Without looking any further or deeper we can see that Bolivian consumers are more dependent on imports. Such imported products arrive more expensively as opposed to other countries that do have a sea-coast, harbor and import tax, contraband compound the negatively effect in our pockets. Yesterday, at the OAS Bolivia did not do well in its claim for a sovereign access to the Pacific ocean.