Daily Archives: June 17, 2011

National public transport strike confirmed for this Monday, June 20

It is 20:04, Friday, June 17 and local TV reports that the national strike is confirmed. The public transportation unions, included heavy load trucks will stop working as of zero hours this coming Monday. Here in Santa Cruz, there are also threats that streets and roads will be blocked (and probably that will happen countrywide). So, this “for-now-indefinite” strike means no school classes for our children, no products to markets, no imported diesel will arrive for our vehicles and huge economic losses to us all. I will keep reporting on this event as it happens.

On top of that, and having an impact on our economy and businesses, next week there are also two holidays: Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23. The former is a newly created holiday by this government and the latter is Corpus Christy, a religious holiday.