Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

Peruvian elections and Bolivia

We share a common past. A brief history of our past follows: long before the Incas, in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia there was a large and important civilization. From them the Incas learned the engineering skills that allowed them to construct their empire. Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and northern Chile and Argentina are now what it was then, the Incas Empire.

During colony times, Peru and Bolivia were known as Lower and Upper Peru. As young Republics, there was a time that a Bolivian five-star general named Andres de Santa Cruz that created the Peruvian-Bolivian Confederation; which upset some of the neighboring country for its potential. During the war against Chile, Peru was brought to fight as it was our ally. We share the highest lake of the world. There are many foods, songs and slangs that are similar. In sum, we do have common grounds. We are like Austria with Germany or North and South Carolina.

I had the privilege of living in Lima during last elections. I remember that on my way from Miraflores and San Isidro, at the corners, next to the traffic lights, groups of teenagers in their bikes gathered and spoke to whoever stopped his car and said: “don’t vote for Humala, remember what is going in Bolivia…” When Alan Garcia became president, at a time a contract was signed between Brazil and Peru hydrocarbon companies, he said: “I am sorry for our Bolivian brothers, but with this agreement, Peru will be able to explore and find new markets for our natural gas…” Suffice to say that our current government hydrocarbon policies allowed that to happen.

Today is Election Day in Peru. Humala is running against Fujimori. A close election reported by the media worldwide. Even Oppenheimer is unsure of its results. As I witnessed in 2006, there were news from Bolivia in Peruvian newspapers daily. I assume that it happened again this year and unfortunately Bolivia continues to send the wrong message to foreign investment and international support. I sincerely hope Peru continues its economic growth path; Peruvians are friendly, nice people and certainly they deserve an honest president.