Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

Landslides in La Paz, what is going on?

It is common knowledge that large quantities of our resources went to studies, projects and remain in the corner of a forgotten public office. This time I wanted to show something positive, an approved project by the Inter American Development Bank (IADB in English and BID in Spanish).

Early this year, heavy rainfall in La Paz city caused landslides and hundreds of people were left homeless. One of my friends lost his house, forced to live with his family in a brother’s house and now is renting an apartment. The government offered housing in other neighborhoods and until now, all those offers and food, clothing sent by friendly nations and Bolivian society country-wide was not distributed properly. In the meantime people affected continue to endure their terrible loss.

The following link is for an approved project: BO-T1141 : Emergency support for intense rain. Please take a look, I can only wait to see positive developments from this entity and project. Although $2ooK seems extremely low for that magnitude of a disaster, undoubtably it is going to be an assessment to trigger larger actions. Please do not feel confused by the fact this project is going to the Ministry of Defense, in Bolivia this ministry is in charge of taking action over this type of natural disasters.