Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

Entering illegal vehicles overwhelm the system

The government has a record of over 70K illegal vehicles in 11 days, July 1st is the final day for this registry. Most of these old and heavily used vehicles come from Iquique harbor, Chile.


The following cartoon appeared today in El Dia newspaper, an unprecedented number of illegal vehicles crossing the border, many of them are even considered stolen. Aside of “trying” to help poor people to own a car, it appears as a government’s political measure to divert the attention of other pressing matters; such as increasing the production of natural gas and increasing its transport capacity to our markets.

Just recently a number of Bolivian soldiers were captured in Chilean soil, they were treated as common criminals as they were in non-army vehicles but were armed. Countries like Chile, Brazil and Paraguay have expressed their serious concerns regarding how their stolen vehicles may end up in Bolivia and be legalized…