Giant Rodents Take Over The Lake Of Golf Course Club In The Absence Of Its Members

Maritime Herald reports:

These giant rodents made it their resort and they enjoy their prairies and lagoons as a family.

To speak of a resort for Capybara take the golf course of a club in the absence of visitors would have been unthinkable before the isolation to which humans were subjected by the coronavirus. However, today is a reality.

At least forty of these animals took the land of the Urubó club golf course, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia.

The rodents, also known as capybaras or capybaras, have grazed on the field and taken long baths in the lagoon of the golf club.

A scene that we will hardly see again after the coronavirus quarantine passes, a confinement that has left postcards of a liberated nature.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …

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