Carlos Lizárraga presents The Filibusters of the Pacific

Pagina Siete reports:

The author of the work devoted five years of his life to investigate all the backstage of the Pacific War.

The republican origins of the claims of Chile on the Litoral, the complicit act of the Bolivian mining oligarchies before, during and after the Pacific War, and the economic interests hidden after the signing of the Treaty of 1904 are some of the facts that deals with the book Los filibusteros del Pacífico [The Filibusters of the Pacific], by Carlos Lizárraga.

The work, the result of a rigorous archival and bibliographic investigation of more than five years, will be presented today [01/07/2019], at 6:30 p.m., in the House of the Artist of the Ministry of Cultures, by its author and the renowned historian Luis Oporto Ordóñez.

In almost 300 pages, the book addresses various issues concerning the armed conflict that confronted Bolivia, Chile and Peru between 1879 and 1883, as well as analyzing their background and consequences through scattered documentation in archives and specialized bibliography of authors from Bolivia, Chile , Peru, United States and England.

Lizárraga explained that many of the documents reviewed reveal aspects little known or omitted by official historiography, such as the direct involvement of the international Masonic oligarchies and English companies in favor of Chile, as well as a secret plan to promote a simultaneous war between Paraguay and Bolivia.

Other important issues revealed by the author’s investigation are the prolegomenon of the Chile-Bolivia relationship during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

“Until the Pacific War, Chile was a poor country that had always depended on Potosí before and after the Republic, through remittances established by the colonial authorities. Even Chile owes Bolivia its independence because Argentine General Luis Redón took 400 loads of silver to Mendoza for General San Martín to start the campaign against the Spanish Army, who achieved the independence of that ungrateful country,” explains the author, who in addition to being a physician is a researcher belonging to the Historical Society of Quillacollo.

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