Murillo denounces 4 members of the TSE for very serious fault

Erbol reports from El Dia:

For endorsing the re-nomination

Senator Arturo Murillo filed a complaint in the administrative channel for a very serious fault against the four members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), which endorsed the resolution that enabled the re-nomination of Evo Morales.

Those denounced are the members María Eugenia Choque, Lucy Cruz, Idelfonso Mamani and Lidia Iriarte, who approved the re-nomination of Morales.

Murillo’s complaint is based on Article 91 of Law 018, which qualifies as a very serious fault the “breach of the principles of the Plurinational Electoral Body.” The sanction for that type of infractions is the destitution, according to the same norm.

According to the senator, the four members violated the principles of Legality and Normative Hierarchy and Impartiality, which are in Article 4 of Law 018.

The principle of Legality and Normative Hierarchy mandates that in electoral matters the Political Constitution of the State, the Electoral Regime Law and 018 will be applied in preference to any other legal or regulatory provision. According to the opposition, the denounced members violated this principle to approve the re-nomination, over article 168 of the Constitution, ratified by referendum.

Regarding the auspiciousness of Impartiality, Murillo said that the members were inclined in favor of Evo Morales and they were against 2 and a half million people who voted not to repost.

According to the opposition, the members also violated the principles of the Electoral Regime Law, such as respect for the popular will as an exercise in direct democracy and preclusion, which makes the results of a referendum irreversible.

In addition to this complaint in the administrative channel, the members face a criminal complaint filed by deputies Rafael Quispe and Wilson Santamaría in the Attorney General’s Office in Sucre.

MAS asks them to think about the elections

The head of the MAS caucus, Deputy David Ramos, said that the opponents have already gone unsuccessfully to all national and international bodies to try to prevent the re-nomination.

He urged them to get on the job now in preparation for the elections and in their proposal. He said that the people will decide at the polls./Erbol

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