Urgency to support national production

An Editorial from El Diario:

Both at government levels and private entrepreneurs, declarations and formulated purposes in the sense of supporting national production are issued; it is said, almost pompously, that medium and small businesses will receive the necessary support to produce and, if possible, to grow and become large companies; but reality – always strict and pointing out truths – shows results that are far from declarations and good intentions.

The small and medium industry or, more properly, the producer who starts, who tries hard to get out of poverty, who considers important his dedication and willingness to win spaces in national life, encounters difficulties that are translated in the first place, into the cumbersome procedures that the government bureaucracy is responsible for enlarging and adding more conditions for the new entrepreneur to emerge; banking interests and banking requirements that must be met, make the entrepreneur turn to individuals who, although they provide money, at the same time compromise the future of the entrepreneur; the taxes you must pay only at the beginning of procedures and the thought of what you will have to cover from the first days of production.

The “ghosts” of taxation and some customs requirements are obstacles that hinder business installation and, finally, the lack of qualified personnel for the work that is intended, are complementary problems to others that few entrepreneurs have the courage to support and overcome them; in cases, when dealing with bureaucracy, “you have to think about the possibility of extraordinary expenses that requires a signature or authorization of something”; this, obviously, is not always current and normal because not all employees of Tax or Customs are dishonest and prone to receive illegal income attached to their duties.

The government, together with business organizations, should find the best systems or methods to combat the difficulties encountered by small business owners who are just starting out in order to ensure that their projects are effective and do not have to face insurmountable obstacles that, if they are denounced, they are obliged to suffer consequences that usually end in greater difficulties in the procedures that are carried out.

It is, then, for these and other reasons and dangers that private enterprise requires government support. Otherwise, it is very difficult to overcome obstacles unrelated to normal business development. Without the aforementioned help, the problems are incitements for the failure and the conclusion of all procedures and this implies loss of time and money. Large, medium or small entrepreneurs require serious, broad and responsible government support; without it, it will be impossible to make important investments.


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