Egocentric delusional wants to govern until he dies?!

ANF reports for Pagina Siete:

Evo talks about lifelong authorities

President Evo Morales recalled yesterday the approval of the first Political Constitution of the State of the country and remarked that in that legislation it was stated that the authorities should be life-long.

“On November 6, 1826, for the first time, the first Political Constitution of the State was approved and was known as a lifetime Constitution … And why was that Constitution (…) known as a lifetime? I was surprised by the data. In that first Constitution, they stated that the authorities should be for life,” he said.

These expressions of the President arise in the middle of a controversy in the country for a possible re-nomination of Morales in the elections of 2019.

Before that statement Edwin Herrera, departmental Assemblyman of Soberania y Libertad (Sol.BO) [sovereign and liberty], said that President Morales confessed his intimate desire that he wants to govern to death by appealing to the Constitution of 1826 to speak of “lifelong authorities.”

“Today the President has confessed his intimate desire to govern our country to death, that is very serious, that is to violate democracy and the system that establishes the alternation in power,” Herrera said.

Morales is in charge of the country and consecutively since 2006. On February 21, 2016, a national referendum was held, in which 51.3% of the voters said No to the reelection promoted by the MAS.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This delusional egomaniac wants to remain in power forever?! 

His negative speeches about colonialism and the Republic are now okay to remember?! He mentions the 1826 Constitution and wants to use that as a cause to remain in power, despite a Referendum said NO?!

What else could be said about this clown?! How can we argue with someone who lost all his marbles?!

It is infuriating and stressful to have to deal with this attitude, every day, for the last eleven years this caudillo has done nothing but electoral campaigns, has wasted over $160 billion dollars and has eliminated the institutionality in the country, has forced over 600 people to flee the country due to political persecution, has boosted narcotrafficking and violence!

This egomaniac must complete his illegitimate term and leave!!

4 responses to “Egocentric delusional wants to govern until he dies?!

  1. Hello my Bolivian friend. Dictator yesterday held march to violate constitution wich was 2 times ratified by the people at the referendum! I am shoked so much people gathered. I know many were obligated to show up, but it is still shocking. But I also dont believe there was 100 000 people as MASistas claim. Maybe around 20-30 thousands. Opposition demonstration does not seem to be much smaller, especially when we take into account that MAS has many tools, money, resorses to press various organizatios and people to show up

    • Hi Leon, glad you watch the news, so you probably have seen the videos where people are registering their “voluntary” participation… so they avoid been fined or probably expelled from their unions or public workplaces … history repeats whenever there is an egomaniac who wants to remain in power … the sad thing is that there are too many ignorant people who believe on these type of individuals, ignorant in the sense that they do not know better, nor have they read about cases like these…

  2. Yes, you are right 100%. To many people are blind, dont they see what is happening with Venezuela? But these marches where people are forced to attend dont indicate anything! We saw marches before, but in spite of that Morales lost 21F referendum. And he was defeated by a landslide in La Paz city, 58%-42% if I am correct. Today, he could not gather more than 35 in La Paz should he call for a new referendum. Even if he changes Constitution illegaly throught Court, he will probably be defeated in 2019.

    • Let’s not forget that “easy” money is gone … the prices of all our commodity exports are low, the loan forgiveness that he also benefited when he took office, are gone … so less money to pay for “loyalties”.
      Still, he has total, absolute control of ALL State powers, and he will do ANYTHING to remain in power, his mentors were Chavez, Fidel, he continues to listen to Maduro and the other Castro, so he is extremely dangerous!

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