Pagina Siete reports:


For the seventy-second time, the International Quality Selection Institute Monde Selection awarded a gold medal to Paceña beer, after a process of scientific selection and of high demand.

The emblem was received this year in Malta by the master brewer who guides the preparation of this product, Jesus Cáceres, says a newsletter of the Bolivian National Brewery:

“Monde Selection has made these selections of the best foodstuffs, cosmetics and toiletries since 1961. Once a year, over a period of four months, 70 people are tasked with quality testing in different categories: wines, spirits, dietetic products, cosmetics , Toiletries, tobacco, beer, water, biscuits, chocolates and products made from cereals,” added the document.

Each category is measured by 20 different parameters. In this competition 82 countries participate with 3,160 products that are tested. For evaluation, the Institute is based on scientific analysis, sensory analysis and legal standards.

“That Paceña achieves a gold medal among thousands of food products from around the world, and has done it 70 times, is an example of what can be done well in Bolivia,” said CBN’s Marketing Manager, Lucas Turrado.

“Beyond being the master brewer of Paceña, as an expert I consider that the prizes that the product obtains are due to its taste, foam and body, that have not changed in the course of 130 years.Its recipe is the same and is part of the tradition of Bolivians,” said Jesús Cáceres, who was appointed Paceña Ambassador this year to travel to Malta to deliver the awards.

Last year Paceña also won another medal in the Monde Selection and who picked up the prize as ambassador was Alejandro Villanueva, a beer lover and fan of Paceña.

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