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Floods kill at least eight in Bolivia

EuroNews reports:

Floods kill at least eight in Bolivia


Floods caused by torrential rain in Bolivia have killed at least eight people.

The national weather service has issued a high-level alert for heavy rain in five areas in the west of the country, including the administrative capital La Paz. [to watch the video, please use the link below]

The downpour comes on the back of the country’s worst drought in 25 years.

In Cochabamba, the flooding stranded drivers and pedestrians alike. Even an ambulance had to be rescued from the rising waters.


After eleven years of the highest economy boom fo the country, and total, repeat, TOTAL control of ALL powers by the coca grower caudillo, nothing has been done to prevent or mitigate floods, uncontrolled deforestation takes place and there is no capable government.

They wasted over $180 billion dollars during this years for cheap demagogue nad useless state-owned projects …