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Bolivia opens concrete tie plant

RailwayAge reports:

Bolivia opens concrete tie plant
Written by David Briginshaw, Editor-in-Chief, International Railway Journal


Production of pre-stressed concrete ties has started at a new plant built in Bolivia by Bolivian Cement Company (Soboce) and equipped, set up and tested by Wegh Group, Italy.

The new plant can produce more than 500 ties per day. The ties are designed for use with Pandrol FD fastenings. In the first phase of production, the ties will be laid on the new 148-kilometer (92-mile) line linking Montero with Bulo Bulo.

The $250 million railway will serve a new fertilizer plant at Bulo Bulo that is being constructed by Samsung. The project suffered a setback in 2015 when the Bolivian government cancelled contracts with Chinese companies for failing to make adequate progress on the two sections they were responsible for.


Positive news that can make us more competitive, despite the negative and useless efforts of the coca grower caudillo “government” …