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ECommerce an alternative for Bolivia

El Deber reports:

ECommerce an alternative for Bolivia

Increased use of credit and debit cards are key.


The eCommerce or Electronic Commerce is a method of buying and selling goods, products or services, which uses the internet as a tool.

This mode of online trading has become very popular with the rise of the internet and broadband, as well as the growing interest of users to buy online.

Currently, eCommerce in Latin America is growing. In the last five years, online sales of Latin American countries have grown considerably, due to the annual increase in Internet users and online buyers.

In 2015, the region had 21.6%, it is estimated that in four years this amount will double.

The situation in Bolivia

Although in Bolivia the conditions are not yet fully developed; however, growth in key variables opens up a possibility in the country.

Internet penetration has increased to 39% (4.2 million users), in the last three years has an increase of 30%. The percentage of households with a computer is 34.9% and internet access is 17%.

At present there are more than 2.5 million debit cards issued; in addition, there are 120,000 credit cards issued, but there is no significant growth in the issuance of credit cards.

So for specialists this type of business in the country is feasible in the short term.