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Drought grips Bolivia

Reuters reports via The Washington Post:

Drought grips Bolivia


November 30, 2016 4:47 AM EST – Bolivia’s worst drought in 25 years is affecting large regions of the country. Some residents are only receiving water three days a week, while many collect rain water to offset their dwindling water rations. (Reuters)

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It is undeniable the fact that the coca grower caudillo presidential undoings have worsened this!

After a total control of ALL state powers, for the last eleven years, and wasting more than $150 billion dollars, nothing has been done to tackle this nightmare!

Yet, this “president” prefers to fly to Cuba and continues to push for his illegitimate re-re-re-election. He fears to abandon power, not only to forego the luxuries he and his acolytes have had for all these time, but also fears for the coming trials on corruption and incompetence issues!