Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

evo is a true and despicable ochlocrat!

We can no longer expect otherwise, the coca grower caudillo has reached his full potential: the incapacity to govern!

This cartoon is from El Dia 11/24/2016. It portrays the numerous failures at managing public funds and the total incompetence at delivering his demagogue, in an attempt to remain in power, after wasting over $150 billion dollars.

Bolivia has neglected to manage appropriately its water resources, has wasted that money in useless activities that were aimed at providing money for themselves… “white elephants” sprouted and drained our economy!


This is from El Deber, 11/24/2016. This “leader” acknowledging that there is no water, nor double christmas bonus and instead more holidays will be given by the end of this year.

Such “simplicity” only shows the extremely poor concept he has over Bolivian citizens. As a true demagogue he offers smoke and mirrors … this person us by far the worst president we ever had!


This is from El Diario, 12/01/2016. At the desk for request and assignments, a person is asking, on behalf of his community:

“My town asks for assignment a hospital, of any level …”

The clerk says:

“Hospitals we cannot, we could give you soccer fields, airports …”

That is the crude reality in Bolivia! We have been under the worst ochlocracy rule for the last eleven years!

Over 600 Bolivians had to leave the country, due to political persecution.

Smuggling of goods is killing the national industry and legal importers.

There is rampant corruption and blooming narcotrafficking, these are the “achievements” of petty evo!