Bolivian Rosa Julieta Montaño Salvatierra is honored by the USA

The USA gave a recognition award to Ms. Rosa Julieta Montaño Salvatierra, Founder and Director, Oficina Jurídica para la Mujer (Bolivia), here some excerpts of a well deserved award!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.26.16 AM

[Our Julieta Montano is third from the right]

[… now follows the remarks made about our Bolivian pride:]


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.04.22 AMRosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra has spent her entire life making sure the women of Bolivia have a place to turn when justice seems distant or impossible. Born into poverty, Julieta worked hard to earn her education. But during Bolivia’s dictatorship era, justice and opportunity were denied to Julieta and average Bolivians. So Julieta fought for her rights as a founding member of Bolivia’s independent civil society, and as a woman.

Today, Julieta leads an organization that fights for a different kind – that fights a different kind of oppression. She has provided legal aid to more than 30,000 survivors of rape, sexual assault, or domestic abuse. Julieta has had a hand in every piece of legislation that advances women’s rights in the last 30 years, including stricter penalties for rape, greater protection for reproductive rights, and advanced gender equality laws.

Today, Bolivia’s legislative assembly has some of the highest representation by women in the world, and we have Julieta to thank for paving the way. For her contributions to the legal protection of women’s rights and security in Bolivia, we honor Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra as a woman of courage. (Applause.)

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[Our Julieta Montano is third from the right]

The US State Department honored 10 women from all over the world for leadership and courage in advocating for women’s rights in their countries. First lady Michelle Obama welcomed the women and gave the keynote address.

The honorees this year came from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burma, Central African Republic, Guinea, Japan, Kosovo, Pakistan and Syria. They were nominated by US embassies in those countries and then selected by the State Department.

“These women are journalists exposing corruption and extremism; they are activists fighting armed conflict and discrimination; and one of them is a nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for her patients. But as soon as she recovered, she went right back to work, and she now serves as a spokeswoman, raising awareness and fighting the stigma around Ebola,” Obama said.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.07.55 AM

[Our Julieta Montano is here, fourth from the right]

Awardees also included …  Bolivian lawyer Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra, who provides legal assistance to women; …

Obama went on to talk about the challenges they faced in their respective countries.

“For them, staying silent simply isn’t an option. For them, turning away from the injustices they see simply isn’t possible,” she said. “You see, these women refuse to believe the false comfort that other people’s suffering isn’t their problem, and they refuse to listen to those who tell them that one person can’t possibly make a difference.

President Barack Obama commemorated International Women’s Day on Sunday [03/08/2015] by calling for the elimination of discrimination against women around the world.

“As half the planet, women make immeasurable contributions to our world. They are entrepreneurs, farmers, educators, scientists, artists, soldiers, mothers, heads of state – the list is endless. Without them economies would collapse, political systems would deteriorate, and families and communities would fall apart,” Obama said in a statement.

Obama stated that one of the major injustices of our time is the gap between the women’s contribution and how they are treated in everyday life.

“On this International Women’s Day, we recommit ourselves to closing that gap,” US president said.

According to the president, bridging this gap implies support for girls’ education. A total of 62 million girls of school age are not in school and millions more are at risk of losing access to education, Obama said.–Courageous–Women-at-State-Department

For the Spanish report made by El Dia, please use this link.

I welcome Dra. Rosa Julieta Montaño Salvatierra [born in Quillacollo, Cochabamba] to The Hall of Bolivian Fame.


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