Latin Grammy Foundation scouts in Bolivia: deadline for applications is March 31st

EFE/Miami reports in Pagina Siete:


Latin Grammy Foundation scouts in Bolivia

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.33.22 AMYesterday [02/26/2015], the institution launched its first scholarship competition, open to music students.

The Cultural Foundation, Latin Grammy scouts in Bolivia and 23 other countries of this continent. To that end, the institution announced yesterday [02/26/2015] its first scholarship competition open to students of music to encourage the artistic development of the “next generation that will continue the legacy of Latin Music”.

“This is an initiative of the foundation that was created last year when the Latin Recording Academy celebrated its 15th anniversary and looking back to society part of what it receives through incentives,” said Manolo Diaz yesterday, vice president of the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation, based in Miami, United States.

With this announcement, the executive explained, they seek to support “young talents who want to pursue a music career, but face financial constraints.”

The music students from Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain , United States, Uruguay and Venezuela may send their applications through the web of the foundation from now until March 31. [Bolivians interested on sending applications, please use this link]

The program includes 33 scholarships for students of Latin music divided into two types: the Talent Scholarship and Tuition Assistance for a total value of $600,000. The first provide financial assistance to three music students, the upper institution will receive the Cultural Latin Grammy Foundation up to $25,000 for the four-year career.

The second, will help financially 30 students, whose study centers will receive up to $10,000 for their college tuition.

Diaz, with a long career in the music industry, said a committee of musicians will select the winners, to be announced on June 8, between those who “demonstrate financial need and have a real commitment to the development of latin music”.

“Music is like math, is complex, perseverance and enthusiasm to excel in an industry that has broad possibilities is needed,” said the executive, who said that soon grants for research and preservation of Latin genres will be announced.

So, dear Bolivian musicians, you already made us proud, now its time for you to continue to move forward and grab this opportunity!

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