Willy Claure, Bolivian artist in love with our cueca!

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“I married the “cueca” and will accompany me to the end”

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 8.51.02 AMThe singer, who lives 18 years abroad, visited Bolivia to present his latest album “Cuecas not for dance” [Cuecas para no bailar].

As soon as he finished recording his latest album Cuecas not for dance, in Switzerland, the Bolivian singer Willy Claure decided to return home for submission to the national audience.

“I recorded the album independently in Switzerland. We have presented in Geneva, but I decided to bring it to the country because for me it is essential to share my work with the Bolivian public,” said the musician. He told that brought out an edition of Cuecas not for dance with Discolandia company.

Why did you decide to name this album with the name Cuecas not for dance?

The cueca is a partner’s dance, is a ritual of flirtation, conquest and thus is known as the cueca in Bolivia. It is the ritual associated with this pace, but that is in the field of dance, but I am a musician, and I watch and I see the cueca from a musical point of view. My compositions are not targeted to make dance music, I like the idea to be heard because I work a lot composing. Furthermore, I do not neglect my writing poetry and hence arises the idea that this cuecas are not for dancing.

How do you define your most recent job?

It is a record of a single guitar accompaniment and I am the sole interpreter. In some songs with me electronic bass and some percussion. The album has 15 tracks, 10 of which are my own compositions. In addition, I have included pieces from Nilo Soruco and Matilde Casazola.

One of the songs that I like more is my theme “Eres mi mañana” [you are my morning], a direct composition.

What does it mean for you to return home and meet with the Bolivian public?

I am very satisfied and I feel happy because people listen to my work. It is satisfying to know that as a musician my works are enjoyed by people. Besides, I like the idea that my themes are interpreted by Bolivian singers.

What Bolivian musicians are considered by you as your main influences?

The largest is Matilde Casazola. I like the feeling that makes writing the lyrics of their songs.

You live several years abroad, will you return to the country?

I live 18 years in Switzerland. Actually I have a steady job as a musician in the country. Actually I have a professional stability. So I visit Bolivia whenever I can.

I’m happy with my music, especially the composition of cuecas. I married the cueca and it will accompany me to the end.


Life. Willy Claure was born in Cochabamba, October 12, 1962.
Career. He played with the National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia, Emma Junaro, Savia Nueva and Ruphay.


I welcome Willy Claure to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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