Bolivian elderly people “do not need to vote” today…?!

Puka ReyesVilla reports in his Facebook: “At Aspiazu School (Sopocachi, La Paz), there were many elderly citizens that went TO CAST THEIR VOTE, they were not listed -were they edited?- When they were demanding to do so, the electoral notary Selma Soria (in the picture below) said “elderly don’t need to vote”…


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2 thoughts on “Bolivian elderly people “do not need to vote” today…?!

  1. It is really sad to read stories like this one. I’ve been away from my Bolivia for so long, and to know things like this are happening, is very hard to take.

    1. Indeed, too many things have changed in the last six years, somehow we (Bolivians) ended up fighting against each other: poor vs rich; rural vs urban; mestizo vs white vs indigenous; west (colla) vs east (camba), you name it. There is a sense of anarchy floating around and on top of that, the youth nationwide are disoriented. It is really very depressing. Thank you very much for your reflection.

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