New hotel accommodations in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is regarded as the most entrepreneurial, beautiful city in Bolivia and that is correct!!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.31.36 AMPeople who come here, I heard them say, “this looks like the Caribbean, where is the sea?” It appears that this part of Bolivia resembles those idyllic touristic places that most Americans and Europeans like so much. Bolivia still needs to attract people from the Middle East and Far East.

Friendly people are the “cruceños” and the “cambas”. The former are people from all over Bolivia and the world who decided to live here, like me; and the latter are the people who were born here.

Santa Cruz is about to offer three lodging facilities to all business and tourist visitors. Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared in El Deber, August 6, 2011.

Hotel Misional, Ingavi Street, across “Manzana Uno” plaza (this is next to the Cathedral where most display of arts are offered daily), will open services. Hotel Misional has 32 rooms (flat screen TV sets and Wi-Fi), restaurant, café saloon, and a lovely view of downtown Santa Cruz. It will be a four star hotel. They will accept reservations starting August, although at the time of this report, no tariffs, yet. It has beautiful crafted wood with regional motifs.

If August is our National moth, September is Santa Cruz’s and Sun Hotel will be inaugurated then; will be located in front of Viru Viru International Airport. This is part of the Teka Hotel Corporation; under alliance with Ocean Sound, Regional Business Alliance and Jaccard; so far, an eight million dollar investment. This hotel will have 54 suites, royal executive and family executive classes. Between September 1-15 there will be a 50 discount ($45), there will be $86 dollar tariffs per night for a family of four children. For events, have three venues with capacity to hold from 1,200 to 1,500 people. A swimming pool of about 600 square meters.

Buganvillas Hotel will open up a new facility: Terranova Hotel, Seventh Ring and Cristo Redentor Avenue (this is the avenue that comes from Viru Viru, straight to downtown Santa Cruz. Terranova Hotel will have 62 one-bedroom suites; $45 per night, additional services paid separately. It will also have a 12 flat condo of two-bedrooms each (with a cost from $60 to 70 dollars per night; linens included as well as kitchen, bathroom utensils and a refrigerator) and four houses.

According to Santa Cruz Hotel Chamber, its president Luis Berazain reports that Santa Cruz, so far has around 350 lodging facilities with over 12,000 beds to accommodate all those fortunate people who have a chance to visit this beautiful country.

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