Increasing violence and crime, Bolivia 2011

This cartoon appeared in El Diario, August 4, 2011. It shows two smiling thieves, a frightened citizen and two policemen passing by with filing folders under their arms. One of the thieves says: “shss, don’t yell, they will not notice you, can’t you see they are desk police?”

Crime and violence have been scalating in Bolivia. The police shows very relatively progress. The government has decided to send to the streets those policemen who were engaged in Identification Document and Driver’s License permits. Now a civilian institution is taking over those registration and issuance.

This cartoon makes fun of that, and still the violence and crime rates continue in an upward trend. Not only lives are lost to crime, narcotrafficking is a violent generator of “vendettas” and uncertainty generates business, economic activities to be in peril but also turmoil and social unrest. Violence has escalated so high, that in some places of Bolivia “community justice” is exerted and people are killed or beaten to death (some were set up in flames). All of that without rule of law, trials and in some cases an excuse to get rid off someone or just rob an occasional tourist. Anarchical times for such a beautiful country!!

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