Sad updates for Bolivia…

  1. Remember prosecutor Marcelo Soza, in charge of the alleged terrorism/separatism case in Santa Cruz? Not so long ago he quit from that case, as it was turning against him, that is, he was not able to consolidate his accusations… well… he is still in charge and nothing has happened to clear this case. The death of three people  remains unsolved and no conclusions regarding the case itself.
  2. As the price for natural resources continues to go up, Bolivia looks like it’s getting a lot of income, our international reserves went beyond the ten billion dollars, something that never happened. Well, this cloud of “good news” over shadows the fact that private investment is practically null; our natural gas reserves are down; the Mutun iron mine continues to lag behind schedule and investment targets.
  3. There is still no news regarding the arrest of the thieves that fired against governor Ruben Costas. Crime rates continue to escalate and no major actions were taken with regard the corruption inside the police force.
  4. After the creation of a new indigenous group, the president for the Santa Cruz Assembly remains in custody. Governor of Beni continues to face accusations that put in jeopardy his governorship. The election of new judges is still tainted with the way the media should interview those already pre-selected candidates made by the current ruling political party.

And so Bolivia moves in this emerging world.

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