Indigenous participation in Santa Cruz

Today we will report the existing composition of the indigenous groups in Santa Cruz: the Electoral Law in its art. 66 establishes that Santa Cruz Department has 28 seats; 15 of which are reserved for what is called “territory assembly delegates.” The breakdown is one per province, eight by population and finally five seats for the indigenous groups: “chiquitano, guaraní, guarayo, ayoreo and moxeño.”

Currently there is a growing issue of a new indigenous group: yuracaré-moxeño, who are demanding one of the seats of the existing five. There are arguments in favor and against. On top of that political manipulation appears in the horizon as it led to a still pending allegation against the President of the Assembly; which in turn could also affect its composition and influence on behalf of the ruling national government or the existing opposition in Santa Cruz.

We just hope that indigenous representation at the Assembly reflect the real and true composition of their people and that they benefit from decentralization. Autonomy that will allow them to develop and not to be used as political peons, by whomever is out there. It is also worth mentioning that indigenous groups should have more pride and not engage in negotiations with other people, just for short-term benefits. Whoever, wants to improve must work and be committed to work even harder. Self pride and determination must be a driving force, here in Bolivia most of us like to blame others about our misfortune. We must change that, we must improve on our own. If we have a weak or poor government, we as individuals should work towards our own improvement.

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