Are we, in Bolivia, free to choose?

Apparently not… according with current government regs for the election of the judicial system. No one can interview, publish, question or comment on the selected candidates for a questioned election next October… whoever does it, will be penalized.

Free press like the newspapers Pagina Siete (La Paz) and El Deber (Santa Cruz) along with ERBOL a news agency, have stated that they will continue to use their right to inform the public.

There are currently in this State, as we had in the old Republic, the right to elect, the right of the citizens to be informed, and the freedom of speech during elections. If now these basic rights are questioned, the government needs to amend the Constitution they wrote and approved themselves, as well as to change the laws that affect the Judicial system, the Constitutional Tribune and the Electoral Organization.

Another opinion says that what was described above is just an attempt to cover up the crude reality… Bolivia is going to lose its natural gas markets and will face penalties in existing contracts, primarily with Argentina.

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