Moscoso reigns at the Bolivia American Iris Grand Slam Open

Edwin Fernadez reports for Los Tiempos:

“Wanting is power” reads an old adage that fits exactly the deed of Conrad Moscoso, who won the title of singles in the Bolivia American Iris Grand Slam Open, which lowered the curtain yesterday at the sports complex of Sarco.

Reaching this feat was not easy, because the Bolivian racquetman had to struggle enough to subdue (2-1) to the American Rocky Carson, number two in the ranking of the International Tournament of Racquetball (IRT, for its acronym in English).

Moscoso started losing the first set (6-15) after going ahead in the first minutes of the contest (5-0). The American took profits from the mistakes that the chuquisaqueño [born in Chuquisaca department] had in the first chapter of the game.

The change of strategy to face the second court gave good results to Moscoso, since it was successful (15-14) based on a faster game and deadly launches, which left Carson badly and generating the game to be resolved in a third set.

The third episode of the match was not suitable for cardiac patients, simply because anything could happen. However, Moscoso, protected by his faith in Señor de Maica, maintained the rhythm of play that he had in the second half, to hit a hard blow to number two in the ranking of the IRT. With a conclusive result (11-2), the Bolivian closed the match, generating the delirium of the fans in the crowded seats of the Sarco complex.

Vargas queen in ladies

The Bolivian-Argentine Maria Jose Vargas was crowned in singles ladies after winning 3-1 (11-8, 10-12, 11-13, 11-3, 11-9) to the Mexican Samantha Salas. The victory allows Vargas to ascend to the third position in the world ranking of the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT).


Conrad Moscoso returned to play with the Señor de Maica’s handkerchiefs. Before entering the field of play he crossed himself kissing them and then he accommodated them in the waistband of his shorts. “Faith moves mountains”

María José Vargas was accompanied by her husband Pablo Grando and her daughter María Victoria.


“I am very happy to have won the title at home, I took out the thorn because I was able to beat Rocky Carson, who is a good player.” Contrasted Moscoso. Bolivia

“Very happy to have won the title for the first time in the Tour, the support of the public was important so that I can beat the Mexican (Samantha) Salas.” María José Vargas. Argentina.

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