The real evo

You can understand people’s behavior when they face conflict and have to make decisions.

The Bolivian ruler, a coca grower has really done it, this time. His egocentric attitude towards wasting Bolivian funds in expensive and useless governmental buildings and other luxuries for his own leisure, while not governing in a way that would meet the real demands and needs of our society.

The handicapped who have marched through cold weather, now cannot talk to him and police brutality has managed to make things worse.

the following cartoons illustrate the actions of the real evo. No one under this government can do anything on his own, it is a vertical structure, a dictatorship of is petty individual.

=== The Spanish translation of the above paragraphs – En español, los párrafos de arriba ===

Usted puede comprender el comportamiento de las personas cuando se enfrentan a un conflicto y tienen que tomar decisiones.

El gobernante boliviano, un cultivador de coca realmente lo ha hecho, en esta ocasión. Su actitud egocéntrica respecto al despilfarro de los fondos de Bolivia en los edificios gubernamentales costosos e inútiles y otros lujos para su propio ocio, mientras que no gobierna de una manera que responda a las demandas y necesidades reales de la sociedad.

Los discapacitados que han marchado por el clima frío, ahora no pueden hablar con él y la brutalidad policial ha conseguido empeorar las cosas.

Las siguientes caricaturas ilustran las acciones del evo real. Nadie bajo este gobierno puede hacer nada por su cuenta, es una estructura vertical, una dictadura de este insignificante individuo.


From Pagina Siete:






In one of his demagogue speeches, he said: “before, we couldn’t walk in Plaza Murillo” now, he has instructed the police to put up fences around rhis plaza, so that the handicapped could not get in … this atrocious act never happened before, not even under dictatorial regimes, ever!

From El Dia:







Here we can see the coca-pharaon kicking the handicapped to the gators …

From El Deber:






Here we see a policeman saying rebar they didn’t gas the handicapped, they just used pepper spray …

Stubborness, egocentrism, and absolute lack of tolerance are the face of the inner evo.

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