We are been sold to China!

ANF reports in Pagina Siete:

Excerpts follow of the surreal world of the masistas…

image“China approved a loan of 7,000 million dollars for infrastructure in Bolivia, including a railway, reported yesterday, without further detail, President Evo Morales.

Morales “cute information, fellow (Vice President) Alvaro (Garcia) reports from China that is guaranteed a loan of 7,000 million (dollars) to Bolivia, for roads, electricity and railway”, announced at the opening of a trade union headquarters in Santa Cruz (East).

After “projects are consolidated, Chinese authorities told us to prepare other packages of projects by about 10,000 million dollars,” he added without specifying details of the credit or the projects to be financed.”


One of the recurrent portions of his demagogue, of the president and his acolytes, was to portray themselves as the saviors of Bolivia, bad mouthing capitalism and an “evil empire”.

Well, now they are subduing our life’s to the Chinese!

Not so long ago did the madman gave resources to the army to build roads and failed big time. Not so long ago did they brought Korean firms to build industry and also left the country without any result but wssteful use of our resources.

Who could trust our future to this incompetent bunch? The ochlocracy, by definition is doomed!

We are going to lose, future generations will be given the heaviest burden of them all, will have pay for these boondoggles!

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