Following The Voice Kids, Monica Canedo travels Bolivia

Miley Saavedra reports for Pagina Siete:

The girl was a finalist of the competition in the US

Following The Voice Kids, Monica Canedo travels Bolivia

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 7.37.27 AMExcited, Mónica Gabriela Canedo Pinto, the Bolivian girl who participated in the American talent contest The Voice Kids, spoke of the visit she makes to Bolivia, this week after being among the 18 finalists of the contest.
“I feel very happy because I am in Bolivia. I’m just meeting La Paz and Santa Cruz. I’m happy and I’m learning new things,” Canedo said in an interview with Pagina Siete.
The little girl became known internationally in April this year after her audition for The Voice Kids.
The singer arrived Friday in Cochabamba enjoying her school holidays. She also visited Quillacollo, the homeland of her parents, where authorities gave her a distinction.
“I showed up Monday in Cochabamba, Quillacollo. I got an acknowledgment, but I feel it is from Bolivia, then I love it,” said Canedo, who yesterday went for a walk in the tourist area of La Paz, like the church San Francisco, street Sagárnaga and others.
The girl lives in Boynton Beach, Florida (USA) and this is the third time she arrives to Bolivia. “This is my third time in the country. I came last year, and when I was five. Now I have 10 years,” she said.
While living in another country, Canedo, who will follow an artistic career, said that one of her dreams is “bear the name of Bolivia up high.”

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