Two medals for Bolivians Jose Huallpa and Miguel Martinez in the WorldSkills Americas

I welcome Jose Huallpa and Miguel Martinez to The Hall of Bolivian Fame, Los Tiempos reports:

Bolivians earn bronze medals on the modalities of “making clothing” and “electrical installations” in the WorldSkills Americas competition that recognizes the best technicians and technologists in formation of the Americas

Two medals for Bolivia in the WorldSkills Americas

2012-12-02 10.11.00 amBolivians, José Huallpa, in the category of confection of clothes, and Miguel Martínez, electrical installations, obtained bronze medals in the international event WorldSkills Americas, a continental competition that recognizes the best technicians and technologists in formation of the Americas. The pageant was held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) from November 12 to 18, attended by 19 countries.

The Bolivian team was formed by six students of the careers of technical training based on competencies of the Fundación para el Desarrollo – Fautapo- [foundation for the development].

Participants were selected by their skills acquired in different technical careers supported by Fautapo – in partnership with training institutions, municipal governments and the Ministry of Education and Cultures – those who were conspicuous by their knowledge and skills against similar from other nations who demonstrated significant advances in the automation competency.

”We are positioning the Bolivian technical training, we are checking that we have made progress in the quality of training,” said the general manager of Fautapo, Andreas Preisig, knowing the results obtained by the talented young Bolivian technicians.

“Is an honor and a permanent challenge of Fautapo to continue contributing to technical education, which is nothing more than a chance for life and work,” he said. “We are confident that many other Bolivian youth are waiting for their own chance in their respective municipalities,” he said.


Confection of clothes, electrical installations, conventional welding, cooking, conventional turnery and civil constructions were the areas involving Bolivian youth – training-centers, explains a statement submitted by the Foundation. Thus, José Huallpa is student of the Center for Alternative Education Francisco Cermeño of Sucre [Chuquisaca] and Miguel Martinez of the Instituto Tecnológico San Juan, from Tupiza [Potosi].

Bolivia has ranked the eleventh position out of 19 teams, being the third in South America behind Brazil and Colombia. The rating took into account several elements of technical training and not only skills in the overall score were considered, but also organization, time, quality and other aspects.

2013 in Bolivia

In the event, the Bolivian delegation undertook to organize the next General Assembly of WorldSkills Americas, the month of October 2013 in Tarija, headquarters of the main office of Fautapo, is an unprecedented challenge, will be the best opportunity to show the progress of the technical training and gain support of affiliates to WorldSkills.

Precisely the WorldSkills Americas, (understood as skills for the world) has among its goals, stimulating the process of technical vocational education, providing indicators that allow a better evaluation of the participants experience of life in situations of similar tests to those that will face in their future careers as continuous improvement professionals.

World Skills América is a non-profit organization which has as its goal the promotion of occupations through cooperative actions of its members, the awareness of the contribution that technical skills and high standards of professional education provided economic success and individual realization. Operates in North America, Central and South and “is politically and confessionadly neutral”.

Bolivian team

José Huallpa, Miguel Martínez, Veimar Choque, Leonel Zotar, Brenda Mosqueira and Alexander Camacho formed the Bolivian team that participated in the international WorldSkills Americas 2012 event, held in São Paulo, Brazil, in November.

Kudos to all of them and congrats to FAUTAPO on a well-done training!!

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