Current Bolivia’s friends: Venezuela, Iran, Syria… why??

2014-08-01 12.56.08 pmWith their openly antagonism against free enterprise practices and open market activities, this government engages in questionable relations; along with the ALBA alliance Bolivia has with Venezuela, it embarks more and more with regimes like those of Iran and Syria.

The latter with serious internal problems, like in other countries that experienced the coming of Spring, has announced that it will leave government soon enough… and yet this Bolivian government follows the lead of Venezuela and attends impractical, untimely meetings with Syrian officials who are more likely to be gone by force or by compromise in the very near future.

Current Bolivian government attacks any possible time they have to the capitalism, while at the same time condones those open market practices (even cartel-oligopolistic practices) when its time for coca growers to expand their production, set hectareage levels and even put pressure on other people’s land and national parks. The way coca leaf and its derivatives move inside the capitalistic markets goes against this government’s “political discourse.”

In any event, alliances and/or meetings in the other side of the world with countries like Iran and Syria are questionable, not only because of economic reasons (to send the minister of communications, Ivan Canelas to an Alba meeting in Syria) but for pure diplomatic relations with the world at large.

The following article for Pagina Siete questions why Bolivia has to align itself on the other side of the street of the Arab Democratic Revolution; away from the youth, women and workers who continued to be hunted at the very minute Canelas was attending the Alba meeting.

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