Bolivian hearts of palm for export!

Time for positive news! we deserve them, right?

Bolivia has exported 20,400 boxes of hearts of palm to Venezuela, totalling a little over half a million dollars! This produce comes from the alternative development efforts that started in late 80’s in the Chapare, when this produce started to be “transferred to agriculturalists in the region.

This time, the success comes from the hand of Bolivian Inputs (INBOL), with an investment of $1.7 million dollars. For this export, around 1,500 families from the Chapare were involved. This plant was built-in Shinahota, 85 direct jobs and around 7,000 indirect jobs. It was estimated that the income of the producers went up by 25%.

For 2012, it is expected that raw revenues will be around four million dollars. Production has started and will take between four to five months to meet this goal for 2012.

Kudos for those producers and INBOL!$us_510.000

Around 2006, I visited Ecuador and found out that Pronaca supplies over 25% of the global market of hearts of palm. So, there is market and our “palmito” is delicious!! Bolivia is moving forward!! The more agriculturalists from the Chapare engage in this type of crops, other than coca, the better is for ALL!!

2 responses to “Bolivian hearts of palm for export!

  1. my mum wanted to know something about this, ill point them to your website, thank you

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