Santa Cruz produces 72% of the Bolivian food supply

Last century, Cochabamba was considered the “food barn” for Bolivia, now it is the turn of Santa Cruz department; there are plenty of reasons: rich environment composed of rain forest, dry forest/chaco, mesothermic valleys and a little portion of the amazon basin; human capital and entrepreneurial attitude.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.28.50 PMSanta Cruz produces currently 72% of all the food produced in Bolivia, it has considerably improved its human development indicators, per National Juncture Report issued by Milenio Foundation.

The gross value of the agricultural produce for 2009 registered a 4% increase as of 2008, representing 1,800 million dollars in economic production, of which 1.3 billion dollars was agriculture (71%).

Cattle production was 500 million dollars (29%). For 2010, there was a light increase of 0.3%. However, total value of agricultural production rounded 1.9 billion dollars, 69.2% agriculture, per data provided by Milenio Foundation.

During 2010 Santa Cruz produced 1,739 million dollars in exports, 55% in non traditional exports and 45% traditional.


In 1955, Santa Cruz had 57,000 inhabitants, 2,078,444 in 2001 and 2,865,074 in 2011. 78% live in urban and 22% in rural areas. The Santa Cruz population represents 27% of the Bolivian total population and shares the first place with La Paz department.

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