Edwin Tumiri, a survivor of the Chapecoense plane crash, escapes death again


Involved in bus crash in Bolivia

Edwin Tumiri, a survivor of the Chapecoense plane crash that killed 71 people, has seen his life flash before his eyes again.

The former LaMia employee was involved in another travel accident on March 2, as a bus he was on fell 150 metres down a hillside in Bolivia.

Local police are investigating the cause of the accident, which killed 21 people and injured another 13. Witnesses say the driver struggled to control the bus under the heavy rain.

Like in the 2016 plane crash, fortune favoured Tumiri here. He escaped the incident with injuries to his knees and back.

“I got out [of the bus] on all fours, I sat up, my knee was injured and I said: ‘Again, I can’t believe it,'” Tumiri told Los Tiempos. “I feel blessed.”


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