Bolivia struggles with severe dengue outbreak

UNTV reports:

Ten people have died of dengue fever in Bolivia in the last week and there are at least 9,500 suspected cases nationwide, health authorities in the country said on Sunday (February 2).

The department of Santa Cruz is one of the most affected, with more than 1,200 cases.

On Sunday, Bolivian authorities fumigated and cleaned the most affected neighborhoods in Santa Cruz.

Dengue is the world’s fastest-spreading mosquito-borne disease. It causes flu-like symptoms and a severe form of it can result in internal bleeding. There is no specific treatment and no vaccine available yet.

Dengue infections around the world have increased dramatically in recent decades and many countries are seeing a surge in cases this year. The World Health Organization (WHO) this year named dengue one of the top 10 global public health threats. (Reuters)

(Production: Santiago Limachi, Monica Machicao)

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